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School Re-unions and Prom's

Posted by Dusan Popratnjak, 6/23/08 at 2:45:50 PM.

School Re-unions and Prom's.

Have your school re-union events and Prom's events advertised on this page.

Also have photographs taken at the event published for free.


Teaching Roll Call

Aldridge Grammar School.


Mr Adey

Mr Appleby.

Mr Cherry.

Mrs Chuck.

Mr Denman.(History)

Mr Foster.(P.E & Maths)

Mr Fox.

Dr Haynes.

Mr Heap.(Deputy Head)

Mr Holland.

Mr Pound.

Mr Watson.

Mr Whitman (Head Teacher)


1964 Pupils

Michael Dufty,Barbara Jones,Brian Jones,Steve Morris,Kevin Rhodes,

1965 Pupils

John Baldwin,John Barton,Stephen Hare,Ray Hesson,Toby Holmes,Stephen Lawrie,Gary Owen,Gary Smith,Chris Taylor,Neil Wilson

1966 Pupils.

Gillian Adams,Tony Atkins,Karen Box,Linda Head,Robert Newton,Martin Pinfold,Stephen Spencer,

1967 Pupils

Sally Antill,Paul Bland,Tony Blunt,David Brothers,Mark Butler,Keith Clarke,Sandra Clarke,Sharon Cook,Magaret Connolly,Ken Dabbs,Martin Davies,Eunice Dove,Sue Durrant,Tony Dyall,Barrie Emms,Paul Facer,Ken Ford,Amanda Goodrum,Linda Goss,Stephen Hartshorne,Nuala Hegarty,Martin Hobday,Tony Howell,Jane Hunt,Linda Hutton,Andrew Irvine,Lindy Jobern,Shaun Kerrigan,Ann Kingscrot,Stephen Love,Nigel Machin,Clive Martin,Stephen Matimoe,Patrick McCardle,David Middleton,Helen Mulliner,Karen O'Conner,Michael Page,Alison Parker,Stuart Peach,Patricia Perkins,Denis Picken,Nigel Pickett,Yvonne Pinfold,Stuart Pragnal,David Roberts,Shirley Rushforth,Michael Scudamore, Peter Smith,Rick Stolburn,Bonita Stone,Les Wartnaby,Lizzy Webb,John Wells,David West,  David White,Shirley White,Robert Wood,

Pupils 1971.

Andrew Harding, Ian Flett,Stephen Ridley,

Pupils 1972

Martin Bennett,Julian Blakemore,Richard Bowcott,Phil Briggs,Anthony Dennant,Andrew Downes,John Houghton,Nigel Jackson,Martin Jelves,


Aldridge School.

Mr Harrison.(Headteacher)

Mrs R.Anslow(P.E)

Mr Bowyer.


L .Butler.(English)

Mr S.A Carter

Mrs Causer.

Miss Churn.


Mrs A Coeulle ( French)


Mrs L Creaser. (Maths)

Mrs David (Hendrie)



Mr Evans.

Mr Fox.

Mr Garbett.

L.Gleadall. (Religious Studies)

Dr Haynes.

Mrs J H erriotts (Geography)

Mrs C Hockman (Music)

Mr Holmes.

Mr N.Hopley.(History)


Mr M.Imran.(English)


Miss K Kumari (English)


A Kyte.(Mathematics)

Mr J Lowe(Art)

Mrs K Louza(Reigious Studies)

Mrs W.Manton,(Religious Studies & Citizenship)

R.Mason. (Music)




Mr G Morton ( ICT)

Mr P.New.(History)

Miss Padley

Mr Pound.

Mr P Pritchard.(Art)

Miss N Razaz.(Chemistry)

Miss L Roberts (Biology)

Mr Rockett.

Mr S Sedgwick (History)

Mrs Sharp.

MS  Shardlow (Media Studies)



Mrs K.Smethills.(Technology)

Miss Taylor.



Mr c .Vanes(Physics)

Mr.M.Ward - Pointing (French)

Mr Wellfield.

Mrs H Wood (Science)


Mr D Wright (P.E)



Sept 1975-1981(First year of Aldridge School)

Jill Adams,Jackie Barford,Robert Barnes,Gareth Betts,David Blakemore,Gillian Burton,Susan Cleaver,Andrew Cox,Warren Dabbs,Clifford Davies,Jaackie Garratt,Richard Hall,Della Harvey,Alison Higgins,Andrew Hutchinson,Tina Jelves,Karen Jukes,Tina Kirby,Paul Lockley,Carole Maccauley,Susan Maritza,Barbara Onions,Marsden Rees,Adrian Roberts,Gary Shaw,Susan Smallman,Richard Styler,Philip Taylor,Alison Twomlow,Richard Walker,David White,David Wiles,Jonaton Janson Wright,


Cooper and Jordan.

Mrs Janet Davies (Head Teacher - infants)

Mr Ray Hoskings.(Head Teacher - both Schools)

Head teacher Ray Hosking was given a birthay treat to remember with a performance by pupil bell ringers to mark his retirement.He has spent 27 years at the helm of Cooper and Jordan CE Primary School.He stepped down on his 60th birthday,the last ten years as Head.But Mr Hosking ,who now lives in the area said he would be returning to the school which attains among the best Sats scorces in the area in the Green,in a new role as a "grandad" helper.Three of his five grand children will be pupils at the school in September and he is looking forward to helping out as a grandad helper,on the other side of school life,he said Ive been teaching for 38 years,27 of them at Cooper and Jordan which has been an absolute privalege and great delight.

Mr Hosking said he and his wife Janet were looking forward to spending more time with all their grandchildren,Aled aged six,Ffion aged three,Tilly aged three, Libby aged 15 months and Rhydian aged 10 months.

Mrs C Hughes

Mrs Miriam Hughes

Barbara Leach.

Mr Marshall.

Anna Pattle

Mrs Kay Selby. (Head Teacher Infants)

Miss Rachel Soden.

Mr Andrew Swirles.(Head Teacher Juniors)

Mr  Robert Trawford.

Mrs Lillian Turner.



Leighswood School.




Redhouse School.Gorsey Way,Aldridge

Mrs Adams (Juniors)

Mr Ball

Mr Beasley.

Mr Bennett (Head - Juniors)

Mrs Bickley (Headmistress Infants)

Mr Roger Boulger(Juniors)

Mrs Burrows (Infants)

Miss Linda Birch.(Head Teacher)

Miss Cane.(Khan)

Mrs Cobley

Mrs Eilses (Head)

Mrs Griffiths.

Mrs Keates. (Juniors)

Mr Lees (Head Teacher)

Miss Ann Kendall (Head Teacher)

Mr Martin.

Mr McClellan (exchange from Canada for one year)

Mrs Sheath (infants)

Mrs Sutton.

Mrs Thomas.

Mrs Walton.(music & top juniors)

Mrs Wharton.

Mrs Welch.

Mrs Whitehall. (juniors)

Mrs Wilkes.

Mrs Young.


Pupils who attended Redhouse.

Pupils Starting in 1959

Rachel Betts,


Pupils Starting in Year September 1960

Francis Adams,Gillian Adams,Paul Adams,Andrew Barber,Royston Boulton,Karen Box,Benny Brookhouse,Jeanette Cash,Joan Carpenter,Paul Carter,Victoria Crawley,Robert Davies,Patricia Delany,David Edwards,Barbara Edwards,Gillian Elbro,Elaine Fleet,Christine Foster,Susan Handley,Richard Hastilow,Linda Head,Alan Henry,Susan Holland,Janine Holt,Sandra Hughes,Steven Hulse,Jacqueline Ions,Stephen Jewell,Laurence Kenyon,Alan Lockley,Harry Lockley,Jeffrey Marshall,Anthony Maritza,Linda Maskell,Carol Moffat,Robert Newton,Melvin Owen,John Painter,Sylvia Parton,Dusan Popratnjak,David Pritchard,Stephen Shaw,Keith Showler,Stephen South,Jane Tonkinson,Sharon Williams,Kim Spanswick,John Smith,Karen Smith,Geoffrey Thomas,Maureen Trueman,Mark Twomlow,Tony White,Jean Whittikar,Shirley Wilkes,Stephen Woolston,Robert Wood,Kathryn Yardley,Shirley Yardley,Martin Paul Yates,Martin Yates,


September 1961.

Pam Atkinson,Carol Boucher,Janet Charlesworth,Graham Box,Keith Clarke,Edward Hopkins,Stephen Love,Stuart Peach,Keith Saunders,


September 1968.

Jill Adams,Robert Barnes,Jackie Barford,David Blakemore,Gillian Burton,Andrew Cox,Jackie Garratt,Richard Hall,Della Harvey,Andrew Hutchinson,Johnaton Janson - Wright,Tina Jelves,Karen Jukes,Tina Kirby,Paul Lockley,Carole MaccauleySusan Maritza,Barbara Onions,Alison Higgins,Gary Shaw,Richard Styler,Philip Taylor,Alison Twomlow,Richard Walker,David White,David Wiles

September 1985.

Helen Cook,Clare Higgins,Paul Hughes,Gary Whitcroft,


Tynings Lane Secondary Modern School.

Mr Malcolm Bailey.

Mr Dave Bass.

Mrs P Bennett. (English)

Miss Sandra Bews.(Geography)

Mr Ivor Broadhurst (Science)

Mrs J.F Brookes. (Needlework)

PD Brown (Mathematics and TD.)

Miss H Brownridge ( Domestic Science

Mrs V Cassidy, (Commerce,Shorthand,Typing,)

Mr Colin Carr.(Maths)

Mrs A.Clarke(Commerce)

Mrs Maureen Colston.(Science)

Miss J.Cooper (Mathematics and PE)

Mr Barry Crutchley.

Mr Reg Dawe.(Pottery)

Miss A.M Davey.

Mr Tim Denning.

Mr Brian Dent.

Miss P.J Edwards. (English)

Mr Dave Evans.

Mr Isloyd Francis (Music)

Miss R Fereday. (Remedial)

Mr Steve Gibson.

Miss Gilby.

Mr Goodsell.(Head Teacher)

Mr Alan Gregory.(English,Library)

Mrs E.M.Hadley.

Miss M Hampton.

Mrs P Harvey. (French)

Mrs J Harris.(Craft)

Mr Dave Hartley.

Miss S.M Hathersmith (Biology,English and Drama)

Mrs Joan Haynes.(History)

Mr Hawkins (moved to a Navel college in Ipswich.)

K Heywood

Mr Ian Hixon.

Mr Roy Hill - Baldwin.(P.E)

Mrs P Horton.

Mrs Dorothy Howells.(English,HistoryLibrary and Drama)

Mr Dave Hughes.(P.E. & R.E.)

Mr Norman Hyde.(Science)

Miss M Jarvis left to take up an appointment as a lecturer at Dudley training college 1962.

Mrs N.Kenny.

Mr Martin Kent.

Mrs Sheila Kent.

Mrs Lynn Llewelyn.(formerly Miss Butroid) Housecraft.

Mrs L Lloyd.(Domestic Science)

Mr Phil Matthews. (Maths)

Mr Mac Mcloughlin.

Mr R.K Messent.(moved to Brewood Boarding School)

Mrs Dorothy Moir.

Mrs S.E Moss (Commerce)

Miss C.R Morton.

Mr Tony Osbourne. (Rural Science)

Miss Pat Padley.(R.I)

Miss Ann Powell.

Mr Peter Pritchard. (Art)

Mrs Sheila Pritchard.(Biology & Drama)

Miss Monica Rayner. (P.E & History)

Mrs M.A Scott. (Remedial)

Mrs Dot Sharpe.


Mr John Simms.

Mr Neville Sutcliffe.(Craft)

Miss Tann(left 1962)

Mr R.F Talbot.(Remedial)

Mrs P Taylor.

Mr Alan G Taylor.(Mathmatics,Technical Drawing)

Mr Sam Taylor.(Metalwork & Careers)

Miss E Thomas. (English,R.I)

Mrs V Thompson.

Mrs Cherry Wilkins.

Mr Eric Winter.(Geography)

Mrs A.M.Woollard.

Mr Joe Wooton. (Woodwork & Technical Drawing)


Pupils 1965.

Keith Ashman,Graham Balmforth,Rachel Betts,Steven Bright,Susan Cashmore,Trevor Coleman,Andrew Craddock,Ruth Devey,Donald Field,Roy Fullerton,John Griffiths,Tommy Hardy,Ann Hathaway,Linda Hall,Jane Hands,Ann Hughes,Pat Lean,Alan Ovens,Martin Parkes,Carol Pinnington,Norman Pitt,Hilary Poxon,Stephen Selby,Jimmy Ridley,Roger Riley,Tony Smith,Christine Tidman,David Timmins,Jill Turner,Lynn Wakefield,Jane Whetton,Nigel Watsham,John Wharton,Anthony Whittikar,Andrew Wood,


Pupils 1966.

Francis Adams,Paul Adams,Christine Aulton,Jane Aulton,Steven Baker,Brian Barker,Pamala Barker,Michael Barnsley,Susane Bassnett,Helen Beaver,Susan Beckaleg.Carol Bickley,Sylvia Bird,Francine Bland,Vicky Blakemore,Royston Boulton,Carol Bowd,Benny Brookhouse,Louise Brown,Nadia Brown,Nicholas Brown,Lynn Bryan,Dave Buller,Steve Butler,Florence Cambridge,Joan Carpenter,Paul Carter,Stephen Cartwight,Jeanette Cash,John Chapman,Ian Chapman,Alison Chappell,Alison Clarke,Shirley Coates,Margaret Cope,Ian Corbett,Jane Corefield,James Cowie,Michael Cox,John Crannage,John Crockett,Andrew Crockett,Robert Davies,Keith Davis,Patricia Delany,Jackie Dronfield,Mark Douglass,Julie Dyas,Gary Eardly,David Edwards,Barbara Edwards,Gillian Elbro, Stephen Emery,Jane Evans,Ann Everton,Susan Fereday,Vanessa Fisher,Elaine Fleet,Christine Foster,Susan Fowler,Joyce Francis,Jackie Gibbs,Nigel Green,Kathryn Guest,Shirley Guyler,Jane Hancox,Susan Handley,Susan Harding,David Harrison,Richard Hastilow,Andrew Haynes,William Hayes,Alan Henry,Keith Herald,Jane Hibbard,Stephen Hickey,Cheryl Higgins,Valerie Hipkiss,Susan Holland,Janine Holt,Helen Horler,Steve Howden,Sandra Hughes,Stephen Hulse,Keith Hutchins,Sheila Ikin,Jackie Ions,Hilary Jagger,Stephen Jewell,Linda Johnson,Pat Johnson,Mark Jones,Susan Jones,Isobel Jones,Sandra Lees,Peter Lewis,Stephen Lewis,Alan Lockley,Harry Lockley,Ann Loverock,Lynne Macbeth,Jefrey Marshall,Anthony Martin,Linda Maskell,Annette Miller,John Millington,Linda Miller,Carol Moffatt,Beverley Moss,Greg Nash,Phillip Newcombe,Northall,Derek Oakey,Christine Olney,Melvin Owen,John Painter,Geoffrey Quick,Sylvia Parton,Rosemary Passmore,Christine Patterson,Ian Phillips,Mark Picken,MaxinePinson,Dusan Popratnjak,Bert Powell,Maureen Price,David Pritchard,Alan Purcell,Graeme Reed,Derek Robathon,Stephen Shaw,Keith Showler,Jeanette Simpson,Raymond Skett,Nigel Smith,Linda Smith,Sandra SmithStephen South,Amanda Spencer,Martin Sweet,Craig Taylor,David Temple,Geoff Thomas,Christine Thaker,Lynn Tinsley,Lyndsey Travers,Maureen Trueman,Mark Twomlow,Mark Wagstaff,Ian Walton,Steven Warner,Jack Warner,Mark Warrilow,Richard Webb,Jean Whittikar,Shirley Wilkes,Sian Wilkinson,Sharon Williams,Robert Wood,Kate Yardley,Shirley Yardley,Martin Yates,Martin Paul Yates,Stephen Yeo.



Saturday 14th May 2005.

Re - union was organised by Maggie Jackson (Cope),Steve Emery,Hilary Emery (Jagger) Amanda Maisey( Spencer)  Dusan Popratnjak,Pam Fisher (Barker) at the Aldridge Social Club,High Street, on Saturday 14th May 2005 starting at 19.00pm till mid- night.



Pupils 1967.

Chris Aulert,Jill Ashmore,Carol Boucher,Pamela Brookhouse,Jackie Dyer,Yvonne Ditchfield,Diane Langley,Claire Mincher,Phil Pennel,Paul Plimmer,Alison Whetton,

Pupils 1971.

Mark Coyne,Keith Reynolds, Mark Roberts,Stephen Showler,

Pupils 1972.

Denis Brookhouse,Cash,Ian Davidson,Adrian Dugmore,Hogarth,John Holt,Bernard Poole,David Reaney,


Whetstone Fields.



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